First report of an acute case of Chagas disease in the municipality of Miraflores, Guaviare, Colombia




Benznidazole, Case Reports, Chagas disease, Nifurtimox, Trypanosoma cruzi


We present a case of acute phase Chagas disease in a 40-year-old male patient from Vereda Buenos Aires, Municipality of Miraflores, Department of Guaviare. The patient attended the emergency department with fever, headache, asthenia, adynamia and dysuria. The blood smear and urinalysis were positive for symptomatic urinary tract infection, but negative for malaria. Five days later the  diagnosis of acute phase Chagas disease was confirmed after a positive result for Trypanosoma cruzi. The patient was treated with nifurtimox and benznidazole, his contacts and risk areas were investigated, an active entomological community and institutional search was carried out, as well as in the reservoirs, finally, laboratory surveillance for possible cases of infection in the community was conducted. Five cases with similar symptoms were identified, but parasitological tests were negative. Health education measures were implemented to prevent the spread of the disease.


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