Prevalence of antibodies against Brucella sp of donors from Hospital blood bank of Lima


  • Abel Ortega C. Facultad de Medicina, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. Lima, Perú. Tecnólogo médico.
  • José Paredes A Banco de Sangre, Hospital Edgardo Rebagliati Martins EsSALUD. Lima, Perú. Tecnólogo médico.
  • Alfredo Guillén O. Laboratorio Clínico, Clínica Javier Prado. Lima, Perú. Médico microbiólogo.



Brucellosis, Donor selection, Hemotherapy service, Blood transfusion


Peru is an endemic country for Brucellosis, consequently, there is a risk of transmission through donated blood, by not to be part of regular screening carried out by blood banks. To determine the prevalence of antibodies against Brucella in the donor blood bank from Edgardo Rebagliatti Martins Hospital (Lima, Peru), were analyzed 1003 samples of blood donors. The screening was Rose Bengal test (RB); the positive samples were evaluated by tube agglutination test (AT) and 2- mercaptoethanol test (2-ME). Two donors were positives to RB, and confirmed by AT and 2-ME, was found a prevalence of 0.20% (99%CI: 0.10-0.92). It showed the presence of carrier donors of anti-Brucella antibodies with possible active brucellosis, was demonstrated, being evidenced the possibility to infection transmission. More studies have to be made to know the reality in other blood banks.


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Ortega C. A, Paredes A J, Guillén O. A. Prevalence of antibodies against Brucella sp of donors from Hospital blood bank of Lima. Rev Peru Med Exp Salud Publica [Internet]. 2007 Dec. 30 [cited 2024 May 25];24(4). Available from:

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