Interaction between health personnel and young pregnant women during prenatal control: a qualitative study


  • Carolina Blossiers Socióloga especializada en salud. Maestra en Género, Sexualidad y Salud Reproductiva. Facultad de Salud Pública, Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia. Lima, Perú.



Pregnancy in adolescence, Health personnel, Professional-patient relations, Prenatal care


Objective. To explore the interaction between health personnel and young pregnants, beginning from the meanings of sexuality, pregnancy and prenatal control in a Lima National Hospital. Materials and methods. A qualitative study was conducted, including observations of the interaction during the consult, in-depth interviews to young pregnants (14) and health personnel (9), and a focus group of young pregnant women. Results. There are perceptions and socio-cultural valuations that don ́t favor communication between both groups. Health personnel rise as an argument the fact that having prompt sexual relations means that the youngsters assume the role of adults, and also consider that these weren’t prepared bio-psicologically and socially to be mothers. In this conception, the body of the youngster is considered a means of control, intervention and power in the presence of the obstetrician. Nevertheless, for the pregnant youngsters it represents its value as future mothers. The meanings of the prenatal control for the health personnel are oriented to the biomedical aspects from the risk approach; emphasizing in the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases; on the other hand, for the teens the behavior of the health staff is important and differs, women offer a kind, warm attention, without overlooking the scientific and cognitive aspects, while males, in most of the cases, have a more operative and cognitive interaction. Conclusion. The interaction between health personnel and pregnant women varies according to the gender of the health staff and has different meanings for the pregnant, which is important to take into account in order to improve the attention in prenatal control of young women.


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