Development of a service on line advice and information technology management for health


  • Victor Berrospi Polo Oficina de las Naciones Unidas de Servicios para Proyectos (UNOPS).
  • Juan Rodriguez Abad Health Care Consulting S.A.C. Lima, Peru.
  • Juan Bobadilla Aguilar Consultor individual. Lima, Peru.
  • Carlos Di Liberto Moreno Health Care Consulting S.A.C. Lima, Peru.
  • Cecilia Díaz Arroyo Consultor individual. Lima, Peru.
  • Carlos Rafael Quipan Consultor individual. Lima, Peru.



Development of technologies, Health technology, Information technologies and communication projects


Objective.To validate an advisory service and online information technology management for health and helps to make assessment and acquisition processes an informed medical equipment according to the market and the needs of the health institutions. Materials and methods.Internetviaa technological solutionsupported ona data base containing systematic
and updated information on technicalspecifications of25comparedmedical equipment, the samereference prices, list of suppliers, agents and / orproducers andtechnical standards aredeveloped. The”virtual” technical assistancewas made withthe support of ateam of specialists inHealth TechnologyManagement, the decision makers inthe planning, evaluation
and procurement ofbiomedical equipment. The validationof the servicewas conductedby involvingspecialists in the fieldofHealth TechnologyManagement, from different disciplines andinstitutionswho worked inhealth, public and private. Theyused the servicefor a periodof timeto verify itsfeasibility ofuse as well asits usefulness fortheir planning, evaluation and procurement ofbiomedical equipment. Tothese expertswe applieda survey before andafterthem aboutthe software developedin thisproject.Results.We found thatit iscommon to usethe internet tosearch for information onmedical equipment.Also,an increaseon theview that theapplicationwill helpin procurementofbiomedical equipment(40% to 78%) was observed, it will improve the information system(40% to 89%) and communication amongphysicians,nurses, planners, engineers and otherprofessionals involvedin this process(20% to 78%).Conclusions.There is aneed fora technological toolavailablewith such featurescontribute totechnology management in Peru.


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Berrospi Polo V, Rodriguez Abad J, Bobadilla Aguilar J, Di Liberto Moreno C, Díaz Arroyo C, Rafael Quipan C. Development of a service on line advice and information technology management for health. Rev Peru Med Exp Salud Publica [Internet]. 2015 Dec. 5 [cited 2024 Apr. 19];32(4):724-30. Available from:

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