Experimental brain infection with cysticercosis in sheep





Epilepsy, Neurocysticercosis, Sheep, Taenia solium, Cysticercosis


Objective. To explore the feasibility of developing a sheep model of neurocysticercosis (NCC) by intracranial infection with T. solium oncospheres. Materials and methods. We carried out an  experimental infection model of NCC in sheep. Approximately 10 T. solium oncospheres previously cultured for 30 days were inoculated intracranially into ten sheep. The oncospheres, in 0.1 mL of physiological saline, were injected into the parietal lobe through an 18-gauge needle. Results. After three months, granulomas were found in two sheep. In a third sheep we identified a 5 mm diameter cyst in the right lateral ventricle and histological evaluation confirmed that the cyst corresponded to a T. solium larva. Immunohistochemistry with monoclonal antibodies directed against membrane components and excretory/secretory antigens of the T. solium cyst was also used to confirm the etiology of the found granulomas. One of them showed reactivity to the monoclonal antibodies used, thus confirming that it was a cysticercus. Conclusion. This experiment is the proof of concept that it is possible to infect sheep with cysticercosis by intracranial inoculation.


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