Decisions in drug adverse reactions, intoxications and unexpected responses to herbal medicines as public health problems


  • Pedro P. Álvarez-Falconí Médico Farmacólogo, Bachiller en Derecho, Doctor en Medicina. Centro Nacional de Salud Pública, Instituto Nacional de Salud. Lima, Perú. Laboratorio de Investigación en Plantas Medicinales, Instituto Nacional de Salud. Lima, Perú.



Drugs/ adverse effects, Adverse reactions, Pharmacovigilance, Drug contamination, Drug withdrawal from market, Herbal medicines, Public health


This review evaluates the relevant information on a variety of adverse drug reactions serious, real or potential, attributed to some drugs relatively recent introduction into the world market, in addition, on some intoxications by contaminated medicines, all of which contributed to decision-making in the past and present, by regulatory authorities in drugs in several countries. It explores the broad strategies related to the pillars of the drug policies, the historical and current events classified as disasters or tragedies in the use of drugs in the last century and this, in order to provide a basic picture in this process. We included health effects that affected by the use of some natural products to pay attention to its implications in medical practice. It says and discusses the decisions of international regulatory authorities, the strategies that have helped to avoid serious harm in society, by adverse reactions for innovative medicines and old. It contribute in strengthening the concepts of commercial and governmental responsibility, scientific, ethical and safety standards of drugs, the importance of quality control, bioethics, good clinical practice in the scientific research in drugs, good manufacturing practices and avoid corrupt practices. It reaffirms that the success of modern medicine is due to the sheer magnitude and drugs within them to innovators. Timely decisions are guided by experts to avoid tragedies, affliction and unnecessary expenses by adverse drug reactions.


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