How to say bad news without compromising the patient's humanity


  • Ybeth Luna-Solis Instituto Nacional de Salud Mental “Honorio Delgado - Hideyo Noguchi”. Lima, Perú. Facultad de Medicina, Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia. Lima, Perú. Médico psiquiatra, maestra en Gerencia de Servicios de Salud.



Health-related behaviors, Health communication, Humanism, Patients


Communicating bad news is still a communication challenge in the field of care and, despite the there being methodologies that allow us to humanize information that has a great impact on people's lives, it is usually neither taught nor used in daily life, thus bringing about emotional outcomes, that can be, at times, more serious than the disease itself. The art of communication is a component of medical praxis, so training in the early years of medicine on methodologies related to the communication of bad news incorporating cultural diversity, beliefs, and customs will develop skills for the benefit of the patient. Although at times it is better not to use verbal language, it is important to remember that nonverbal communication can also convey the respect that every human being requires before the arrival of bad news.


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