Guidelines and strategies to improve the quality of care in health services


  • José Carlos Del Carmen Sara Superintendencia Nacional de Salud. Lima, Perú Médico neurólogo, doctor en Salud Pública



Peru, Universal health coverage, Quality, Healthcare, Governance


The challenge of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) led countries to make greater efforts to increase the proportion of population protected, to define and expand their benefit plans, and to provide financial resources to support payment for the benefits provided. The implementation of the health insurance policy in our country has allowed reaching important milestones, evidencing, however, an insufficient effect on timely access and on meeting the health needs of a large portion of the population. In this article we begin by highlighting the main advances and limitations in the process towards a UHC, guding the development of the pending agenda, based on the proposals issued by international organizations aimed at improving health systems globally. The pending challenges include efforts to involve and articulate the various actors in the task at hand of redesigning healthcare processes, strengthening the ethical dimension of their practice, as well as promoting citizen participation in the generation of a high-quality health system that would facilitate effective and timely access to health services. This requires the adoption of measures that extend to the entire health system, based on a shared vision and led by those responsible for its execution and governance.


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