Bibliometric analysis of original scientific publications from the Instituto Nacional de Salud del Perú from 1998 to 2018


  • Franco Romani Oficina General de Investigación y Transferencia Tecnológica, Instituto Nacional de Salud, Lima, Perú. Médico cirujano



Bibliometría, Autoría y Coautoría en la Publicación Científica, Institutos de Investigación, Investigación, Indicador de Colaboración, Perú


Objetives: To measure the scientific production of the Instituto Nacional de Salud del Perú(INS) through bibliometric indicators of production, collaboration and impact. Materials and methods: Bibliometric study of original publications from journals indexed in Scopus and Scielo Peru in the period between 1998 and 2018. The production indicators were: the number of publications per year and per subperiod (1998-2008 and 2009- 2018), by theme, and by journal. The collaboration indicators were: the co-authorship index, the number of institutional signatures, the national and international collaboration rate, the proportion of first-time authorship with INS affiliation. The impact indicators were: the number of citations per year, citation/document index, the proportion of documents ever cited and the citation speed. Results: A total of 618 publications had at least one author with INS affiliation. From these, 55.9% (346/618) were published in Peruvian scientific journals and 30 INS authors were major producers. From the publications total, 49.0% (303/618) had a first author with INS affiliation. Regarding the subject of investigation, 132 (21.4%) publications were on vector-borne diseases; 9.7% (60), on tuberculosis; and 9.5% (59), on zoonoses. The international collaboration rate was 38.8%. The ratio of citations/documents was 12.8 for the entire period. The H index of publications with INS participation was 37. Conclusions: In the last two decades, the contribution of the INS was focused on infectious diseases. On the other hand, it is required to strengthen the productivity indexes of INS authors, as well as consolidating the new thematic lines that they have developed in the last decade. This effort will allow the INS to improve its function as a public research institute.


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